Rent a Canoe or Kayak near Golden, B.C.

Enjoy a peaceful downstream paddle through the Columbia Wetlands - Wildlife viewing opportunities galore!

a caone in the wetlands near Golden BC

Gather your friends and family together and start paddling! Travel the Golden section of the mighty Columbia River.

With it's source at Columbia Lake in Canal Flats 150 kilometers south of Golden, British Columbia, The Columbia River represents the most significant waterway in the Pacific Northwest region of the North American Continent. The Columbia River winds for 2,000 kilometers, and crosses into the United States to Washington State before flowing west through Oregon to empty into the Pacific Ocean.

The Columbia is a historically important trade route and is vital to the economies of the provinces and states in its drainage basin. It is one of the most ecologically important rivers in Western Canada and provides habitat for hundreds of species of fish and wildlife.

On your trip between Nicholson and Golden, you will be exposed to a section of the largest intact stretch of wetlands in North America - 150 kilometers in total. The area is home to many species of birds, fish, mammals and features unique vegetation and exceptional views of the surrounding mountains

Experience A Force of Nature

This is your chance to experience The Columbia River and The Columbia Wetlands from the best vantage point possible - up close and personal, traveling on the river itself in a canoe or kayak! Keep any eye out for any number of the 300 species of birds and mammals that find refuge in this unique ecosystem.

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Kayaking on the Columbia River in Golden BC

Respect Wildlife

PLease remember to give wildlife sufficient space and keep their pristine habitat clean.